Gorgeous first collar and lead set for your new puppy he or she will look adorable in this set, also suitable for those little miniature breeds as it is also strong and durable for any walks.
Lovely soft but strong forest green webbing and soft durable and washable Berisfords teal velvet ribbon.
Curved acetal side release buckle, welded D ring, triple stitched in bonded nylon for strength and durability.
Washable by hand or machine at 30° , air dry.
At checkout please be sure to 
1. Choose size
2. Choose a lead or no lead 
3. Choose required colour

Teal Velvet Puppy Set, Miniature Dog Collar, Lead Leash 16mm Velvet & Webbing

  •   The purchaser is responsible for selecting the hardware most       suitable for their pet.

    • Please be aware that the metal buckles are heavier than the acetal  buckles and might not be suitable for some smaller dogs..

    •  Metal hardware can also make a noise during movement, especially if a metal tag is tapping against it. If the pet is likely to be nervous or reactive to noise, please select acetal hardware (black or coloured buckles)

    • If collars are returned to be exchanged for different hardware, the extra postal charges will be incurred by the customer.