Soft but strong cushion webbing , comfortable for the dog and soft in your hand. Triple stitched , stainless steel O rings , acetal triglide, nickel plated trigger hook.
Choice of royal blue, red, black, green, purple cushion webbing

The figure of 8 head collar lead will easily fit over any dogs head, there are two loops the first one goes over the dogs head and the second one goes over the  nose,  a tri-glide slides into place once you have fitted the headcollar part correctly stopping your dog from backing out of the head collar.

Some dogs dislike the feeling over their nose when you first start using it  and might get the nose loop off by rubbing against you or the ground however if this happens it will go into a slip lead so you will still have your dog on the end of the lead plus I supply all figure 8's with a  removable strap with a safety clip...this clips to the dogs own collar or harness so you will always have the dog on a lead and collar just incase .

The figure 8's are made for walking the dog on the left hand side of you as standard however I can make the lead for dogs to walk on the right hand side of you please state this when ordering.

The soft cushion webbing lays flat over the dogs nose and under the chin then around the neck.
The figure of 8 head collar will fit any size dog but the larger the dog the shorter the lead will be but on a smaller dog the lead will be longer.
A 2 meter length fitted on a Hungarian Vizsla leaves approx 4ft of lead.
If you require a longer length please ask.

Dogs Figure of 8 head collar/halter lead 25mm Soft Cushion Webbing

Walk on the left or right


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