Celtic design ribbon in red on red 1.5" (38mm) webbing, teamed with black contoured side release buckle and tri-glide for adjusting the size and a whopping 5mm welded nickle plated D-Ring . All Celtic Collars are adjustable . Matching lead in 1" webbing and ribbon , please add to order.

Washable by hand or machine ( do not scrub) at 30 - 40 degrees ... we put ours in a sock and pop in the machine with daily wash.

Red Celtic Woven Jacquard Ribbon on 1 1/2" (38mm) Red Webbing

SKU: 00017
  • Celtic collars and leads can be hand washed at 30° with a mild detergent or place inside a sock in the washing machine at no more than 30°, dry naturally (I just drape mine over a clothes airer or back of a chair etc.)

    If subjected to sea water rinse as soon as possible to remove salt (as salt can damage fabrics and metal fixings ) and leave to dry naturally.